Corporate Governance - Whistleblower Policy

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We encourage our employees to report any situation that appears to involve a breach of the company's ethical or legal obligations. We also encourage those outside our company to report concerns about Superior’s accounting controls, auditing matters or anything else that appears to involve financial or other wrongdoing. To report such matters, you may contact us through any of three methods:

1Toll-Free Telephone:
 Domestic/United States: 1-800-639-9198
International: +1-835-283-9905 (access codes)
3US Mail:
General Counsel
Superior Energy Services
1001 Louisiana St., Suite 2900
Houston, TX 77002

Investor Contact

Paul Vincent
VP, Investor Relations
1001 Louisiana Street
Suite 2900
Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 654-2200
Fax: (713) 654-2205

Investor Relations Email: